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1.Which Indian state is the first to set up a Gene Bank Project? [A] Kerala [B] Telangana [C] Maharashtra [D] West Bengal   2.Which Indian Bank launched the ‘Open-for-all’ Digital ecosystem for MSMEs? [A] State Bank of India [B] ICICI Bank [C] HDFC Bank [D] Canara Bank   3.Which institution launched the ‘Mandate document’ for National Curriculum Framework (NCF)? [A] University Grants Commission [B] AICTE [C] Union Education Ministry [D] National Testing Agency   4.Which is the venue of the ‘Semicon India Conference-2022’? [A] Mumbai [B] New Delhi [C] Bengaluru [D] Chennai   5.‘National Behaviour Change Communication Framework for Garbage…

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1 . Which of the following gas causes an explosion in coal mines? [A] Carbon dioxide [B] Nitrogen [C] Butane [D] Methane 2. Sweat contains water and: [A] Citric acid [B] Lactic acid [C] Salt [D] Vinegar 3  . The antiparticle of an electron is: [A] Positron [B] Proton [C] Alpha particles [D] Beta particles 4  . The deterioration of a metal by an electrochemical process is commonly termed as: [A] Erosion [B] Corrosion [C] Passivation [D] Abrasion 5 . Which of the following is the common name of Phosgene? [A] Carbonyl chloride [B] Phosphine [C] Carbon tetrachloride [D]…

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1 . Which material is used in the manufacturing of electric heater coil? [A] Copper [B] Iron [C] Nickel [D] Nichrome 2 . Which one of the following is an ohmic conductor? [A] Germanium [B] Silicon [C] Carbon [D] Silver 3 . Magnetic keepers are pieces of__: [A] Nickel [B] Cobalt [C] Steel [D] Soft iron 4 . Which of the following is arranged in order of decreasing conductivity? [A] Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Silver [B] Aluminium, Silver, Copper, Steel [C] Copper, Silver, Aluminium, Steel [D] Silver, Copper, Aluminium, Steel 5 . The spectrum of light was…

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